IMG_9555 (1)名前を呼ばれたら元気いっぱい"I'm Here!"
I say "I'm Here" when my name is called out!
IMG_9563 (2)畑で何を育てているのかな?
What do they grow in this field?
IMG_9577 (3)苔玉の苔は自分たちでゲット!
We get our own moss by ourselves
IMG_9661 (4)いよいよ苔玉づくりスタート!
Now let's begin to work on moss ball making
IMG_9671 (5)こんなにとれたよ!一輪車一杯の苔
Look at this! Full of moss in the wheelbarrow!
IMG_9684 (6)うまくできるかなぁ?
How do I do it?
IMG_9691 (7)どの苗にしようかなぁ
It's so hard to decide which plant I want to use
IMG_9718 (8)泥だんごづくりは得意ワザ
I am so good at making a mud ball
IMG_9805 (9)こんなきれいな苔玉ができたよ!
Look at my beautiful moss ball!
IMG_9829 (10)最後はみんなで記念撮影
Celebration picture time!